Online Publishing

Common publishing activities in the online world include publishing photos and videos. These activities are best done on existing websites. For photos, Zonerama, Google Photos, Flickr, etc. are good places to start. For videos, YouTube, Stream, Vimeo, etc. But it depends on your ambitions and whether you want to publish your work abroad.
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Another option is to use your own domain. However, this has the disadvantage of being both financially and time-consuming. Even for minimal expense, one often has to consider purchasing a domain and hosting, which is important for running services on the domain. On the other hand, it allows for better control over the systems that are run and looks more professional.
There is also the possibility of community publishing through sharing. This means that several people participate in a single activity. One of the best known is the Wiki Web application, which allows registered and logged-in users to edit and improve the site\’s content. A typical example is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. This activity sometimes leads to the creation of user forums where individual members can communicate with each other to solve specific problems. Each community has rules, and failure to follow them can result in banning or account deletion. 10] sociální média

One option is to use a shared wiki where you can contribute your own experiences, creations, and ideas. These creations can have multiple co-authors and even group levels. Thus, a web application called a wiki can realize this type of publication. Thus, registered members can edit pages and improve their content. Although Wikipedia is one of the most popular and well-known encyclopedias, wikis are also used for smaller projects. Wikis are unique in that they are linked to specific user groups.