Cell phone as a helper

Like many others, I have put various gadgets into the cell phone field, especially gadgets that can replace a leaky head. At any rate, I am old enough that I have the right to forget and can afford to skip some appointments. So my phoneis full of appsthat help us get to know each other and remind me of this and that. And I\’m glad I don\’t have to carry that around in my head. I just need to actually put what I need to do between calendars and tasks so I don\’t procrastinate. Because if it\’s not there, the system can\’t point it out. I see.

So when I wake up in the morning, I look at my calendar to see what I\’m likely to miss, what I\’m unlikely to miss, and prepare for the worst.

Then I also like to use my cell phone as an alarm clock. It\’s a regular alarm clock, but I hate it, even though it wakes me up beautifully and gently. Several cell phones have already flown into the wall in an arc before this cell phone.

I also have every recordfrom important to not so importanton my phone. I also keep all my cards from the store and other small items in it, so I don\’t have to carry them around in my pocket.


I don\’t have any banking apps on it. Not one. Everything is done at home in peace. And I don\’t know why I have that stuff in there.

You can use your phone for almost anything. It can be used as a voice recorder. I have tested several applications before, and some of them were really excellent. If cell phones had better microphones, they could easily compete with professional equipment.


The main function for me was alerting me when to take my medication. With a special app, I could even calculate when the pills would run out according to the code on the box and arrange for them in advance.

I believe that each person who has this gadget adapts it to his or her needs, and that it has been helpful in other situations. In this way, the cell phone does not only serve to make phone calls,but it is an excellent helper.