Airbags can be dangerous weapons

The question of whether airbags in automobiles are safe or dangerous is one that perhaps no one knows the answer to. While there are certainly advantages, unfortunately there are also drawbacks. Experts argue that airbags reliably protect our lives, but only if we are wearing seatbelts
, and that the airbags are not safe if we are not wearing seatbelts.
Most interestingly, however, the gadget was created because Americans did not want to be restrained in their cars. They justified it by saying that seat belts were meant to squeeze the stomach.
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The invention of the airbag itself was patented by John Hedrick 65 years ago. However, he had to wait another 20 years before the first cars were improved with airbags. In other words, no cars received this technological improvement until 1972. Interestingly, customers were not interested in these upgrades at first. It was only later that they learned of its benefits.
The problem, however, is the combination with seat belts. If seatbelts are not worn, deployed airbags can cause serious injury or even death.
Newer types of vehicles have improvements for drivers who are unaware. If a seat belt is not worn, the car will flash a red light and an audio sensor will beep. Some drivers try to trick the airbags by emptying their belt buckles. The control lamps then turn on, counting on the seat belt to slow the occupants in the event of a collision. But instead, the impact sends the body violently forward, and the results are brutal.
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Rescuers themselves also protect themselves from hidden dangers. After a crash, one might think that the airbag saved them, only to be struck by a fist. But this could be a big mistake.
The impact of the airbag and the subsequent shaking of the belt can tear internal organs and cause internal bleeding from large blood vessels. At that moment, one feels nothing because adrenaline is still acting. But as soon as the adrenaline wears off, the person falls to the ground and dies.