An entrepreneur and an agreement on the performance of work

Sometimes it happens that an entrepreneur needs someone only once in a while to provide an activity of a perhaps short-term nature. In turn, it is appropriate to draw up an agreement on the performance of work with those who perform work on behalf of the self-employed (hereinafter referred to as employees).The contract must be in writing and must contain some important information.· The name, address and ID number of the self-employed person· The name, address, place of residence, birth number or ID number of the worker· The period during which the labor contract is negotiated· The description of

Cell phone

Everything in one cell phone

The cell phone is now a device used by everyone and serves as a helper in daily life, work, or entertainment. Cell phones have a great variety of uses. At work, for example, they are useful to keep in touch with colleagues on the other side of the country. They can also be used to solve various problems step-by-step by simply looking them up on the Internet. Thanks to cell phone technology, we can use a wide variety of applications designed and implemented for cell phones. Today, we will introduce you to some useful applications that make our lives


First business step

For a long time, have you been tired of enslaving your employer for the minimum wage and letting you dictate working hours when you can and don\’t take leave?When you can take a vacation, and when not. Maybe it\’s time to start a business and become your own boss. Great, you say, that\’s exactly the option for me. Yeah, but how and where to start? First, you need to decide in what form you want to do business. This, of course, depends on the nature of your planned business and the risks you are willing to take. When deciding


Investing in Gold

Gold investment has been a very stable commodity for many years and is worth investing for the long term. It is also purchased to protect saved money from devaluation. Therefore, people acquire gold for investment in the form of gold coins, bullion bars, and gold bars. The minimum weight of a gold bar is 1 gram, and even 31.01 gram gold ounces are traded. An easy way to buy gold bullion is through the Internet, where you can buy gold bars in the form of gold bars, gold bars, or even gold bars in the form of gold bars.

Cell phone

Which app should I choose to search for public transportation?

We waste far too much time looking for the right connections, let alone finding the right ticket. Therefore, we have compiled an overview of the three most used apps for public transportation. All of the apps listed are free and can be downloaded from Google Play.A) PubtranCzech app. It is one of the most popular. However, in 2015, the developer of this app, František Hejl, sold this app to Seznam. He had to choose whether to pay for the app or not, or he would not be able to use the Idos timetable database, but he needed the buyer\’s


How to Expand Your Business Abroad

Globalization and internationalization are words your company will surely be proud of at every turn. After all, it is not an easy goal to achieve. Some companies are unprepared to enter foreign markets, while others ruin the move and then regret it intensely. It is not easy to prepare for what awaits them in culturally different markets, markets with very different demands. Therefore, some points to consider before crossing borders are outlined below.1. Cultural barriers. When targeting a specific market, you need to consider the culture of that country. Whether it is similar to your country\’s culture or not


The Czech Republic, a beautiful and mysterious country

Pull a town in any region or district out of your imaginary hat and you will always find a place nearby with stories and legends that reek of mystery and the supernatural. Don\’t believe me? Give it a try.For example, Opava. Not far from this provincial city with its beautiful architecture and natural history museum is the ruins of Vitkov Castle. It is situated on a rocky promontory, under which the Moravice River flows lazily.Legend has it that Vitkov Castle was built solidly because something was mixed into the mortar. It was not egg, but something suitable for the


Vzpomínky na Ameriku

座svého dětství、mládí座železnou oponou実験力学si nikdy nedokázal阿仁představit,že bych se mohl dostat třeba ažいAmeriky. A upřímně řečeno,nedokázal実験力学siをpředstavit vlastně阿仁celé víc než desetiletí po sametové revoluci,kdy pro多国籍企業bylo docela exotikou užいjenom pouhé sousední Rakousko nebo Německo. Ale kdyš uš se k tomu někdo jako já nerozhoupe sám,mohou ho k tomu přimět jiní. Třeba jako mne moji kolegové. Ktečíprostě nedali pokoj,dokud jsem neslíbil,še se k nim na počátku tohoto tisíciletípřidám. タク-タム-ナコネツ-バイロイト-ビロイト-ビロイト- Dvakrát,ve Spojeněch státech,ale pro změnu pokaědé na jiném konci této země. ティディヴニューヨークサンフランシスク A byť実験力学tam byl v pozici oné známé vyorané myši,které se starala hlavně o、aby jí nezmizel z dohledu kolegův žlutý batoh,nějakéにdojmy přesto mám. Třeba


Basic Care for Your Skin

The options presented are selected with respect to their affordability and the time it takes to use them if you are going to achieve the desired results. Thus, the various electronic hair removal and epilation devices that promise perfect hair removal over a long period of time are not included, and their effectiveness is questionable in many respects. Tweezers. Tweezers and their use are a technique that requires some practice, and while it is not recommended to remove hair in this manner on parts of the body (especially underarms), they serve their purpose in all situations. Unlike waxing, this


Online courses and Education

Education is important in life. I often read that someone has only elementary school, but he is a famous businessman and very rich. But what does he do if a person out of nowhere goes bankrupt? They will not want him to go to a normal job, because he knows nothing. Let\’s talk about online courses. Thanks to the course, you can improve and learn something new, learn a lot of new things, and if you do not have much time to work from home at which you can be awarded a certificate for example, online courses are the