Which app should I choose to search for public transportation?

We waste far too much time looking for the right connections, let alone finding the right ticket. Therefore, we have compiled an overview of the three most used apps for public transportation. All of the apps listed are free and can be downloaded from Google Play.
bílý panák s tiketem
A) Pubtran
Czech app. It is one of the most popular. However, in 2015, the developer of this app, František Hejl, sold this app to Seznam. He had to choose whether to pay for the app or not, or he would not be able to use the Idos timetable database, but he needed the buyer\’s opinion. He chose to sell, and the app was then redesigned again under the supervision of the original author. Some of the app\’s previous features have not yet been added to the new system and are therefore not functional. Despite this, today\’s version is not flawless. The graphics are excellent, easy to understand, and there is no difficulty in searching.

B) Metro
The author of this app is Jan Drozen. The app is relevant to Prague because, as its name makes clear, it focuses on the metro. While apps designed for streetcars and buses only look at what is running and when, there is also a countdown of departures and departures as specific times. The metro also shows the route of each transfer. This allows one to quickly see where the transfer station is located.
ruská tramvaj
C) SMS Ticket
An application for purchasing public transportation tickets using a smartphone. Valid throughout the Czech Republic; a product of Fuerte International. Currently the system is supported in 12 cities, including Brno, Prague, Olomouc, and other smaller cities at the regional level. SMS Jízdenka always gives advance warning that a ticket is about to expire and that a new ticket must be purchased. The system has its own widget to monitor ticket expiration dates. Thus, there is no more need to run around newsstands looking for tickets. In the meantime, if there is a risk of losing the connection, time is wasted and nerves are frayed.