First business step

For a long time, have you been tired of enslaving your employer for the minimum wage and letting you dictate working hours when you can and don\’t take leave?When you can take a vacation, and when not. Maybe it\’s time to start a business and become your own boss. Great, you say, that\’s exactly the option for me.
administrativní kancelář

Yeah, but how and where to start? First, you need to decide in what form you want to do business. This, of course, depends on the nature of your planned business and the risks you are willing to take. When deciding on the legal form of business, do not forget 1 very important thing. The question is who, how and to what extent are responsible for debt and losses. In our country, 2 basic legal forms of business are allowed.This is a trade business and you are responsible for all property. Attention, when you are in marital status, the guarantee is both property. The second form is enterprise.
koukání přes žaluzie

Trade business brings you a lot of freedom, but also the obligations set out by law. 1. One of the basic obligations is to pay taxes and health insurance that are paid for you by your employer when you are an employee. Social insurance is optional for companies. When arranging a business license, you need to choose what activities you want to do and register for a business license. The law divides transactions into licensed, bound and free, depending on what requirements you must meet in accordance with the law for activities. After processing your trade license, you can register with the tax office, Social department and health insurance company as a self-payer and you can start. For tradebusiness, simplified accounting and tax records are usually retained.

The second legal option is to do business through a trading company. The establishment and establishment of commercial companies are also regulated by law. The law also regulates the method and amount of responsibility, the number of founders, the role of individuals, mandatory capital, mandatory reserves and other requirements related to the business and under the commercial code.

Have you decided what form of business you want to take?