Mathematics – Scarecrow or Lover?

And remember those endless math classes where time stopped and minutes felt like hours during calculus class? Or the joy of solving calculated examples and difficult logic problems that made math so much fun? But not everyone found the assignments easy, and most students were sweating instead of enjoying themselves in front of the blackboard.Mathematics was and still is a very boring and unnecessary duty for many students. However, this is a big mistake. Because we need math every day, many times a day. We need to calculate how much we will spend on groceries and how much the


Hlubokar nad Vltavu has interesting Easter traditions

South Bohemia is the most visited region in the Czech Republic in terms of tourism. The varied landscape, where almost all natural phenomena can be found, with the exception of the sea, is sparsely populated and less affected by industry, which is why many people spend not only weekends but also vacations and vacations here. Visitors to Prachatice, Vimperia, České Budějovice, Českokrumlovsko, and Třeboni are greeted by picturesque landscapes, imaginative architecture, and finely designed sports and entertainment facilities. Hlubokar Nad Vltavu is one such place. Since 2015, a promenade with giant Easter eggs has been built here during the


Even furniture from pallets can be tasteful

Buying furniture for an entire apartment at once is practically impossible for many people from a financial point of view, but buying it 1 by one is also not the cheapest. Some types of furniture are still very cheap, for example, a small cabinet, but if you want to buy, for example, a high-quality bed or sofa, it will cost you tens of thousands.This is definitely not small money. Fortunately, there are ways to save and still come to yourself. But it is necessary to get the right building material in the form of pallets and get a little

Cell phone

Work and Cell Phones

Everyone already has a cell phone. I often use my cell phone to do my work. I use my cell phone a lot because I need to know the status of deliveries all the time. The company I work for delivers newspapers and other newspaper goods, and we also deliver cigarettes. So it stands to reason that I always have to contact the people I deliver to. Unfortunately, there have been many times when the person on the other end of the line did not pick up the phone at all. That was very frustrating because if no one


What is the foreign trade balance?

and what is its definition? The balance of payments represents monetary transactions between one country and another in a given fiscal year. It includes imports and exports of goods and services, investments, donations, and remittances.Thus, the balance of payments is divided horizontally (imports and exports of goods and services, investment income, and foreign currency reserves) and vertically (credits – inflows of funds; debits – outflows of funds). In other words, it is the balance between exports to and imports from a country, and the difference between exports and imports represents the balance of payments. The balance of payments is


Household Management

Well, generally it\’s a matter of course. It means keeping the whole gear turning . Keep it from creaking, keep it from jamming, keep everything moving. It can be a bit nerve-wracking. If it\’s just one guy, it\’s not that big of a deal. Because what you don\’t clean up yourself stays put, and what you do clean up, you clean up the same way. It just has to be repeated from time to time. How often is up to the owner of the apartment, house or property. But if there are more occupants in the household, there are


Draw a line in the sand and start a new life

Workplaces are very important to our lives. In this day and age when people tend to postpone retirement, it is really desirable to choose a job that you find fulfilling and enjoyable. This is because as long as you are doing work that satisfies you, the financial rewards are not that important. For this reason, people who have dreamed of their duties from a young age are observed by others as happy and successful. The majority, however, are not so lucky and want to change, or at least improve, their jobs. If you are one of these people, there

Cell phone


Now that almost everything is subordinated to technology, I sometimes feel like I\’m in a science fiction movie. But what do I actually need from these technologies to live? Of course, we need cell phones and computers to live. In this day and age, I can\’t live without them. Whether at work or in our personal lives. We need to be connected to everyone. From doctors to your children\’s school teachers. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones? Smartphones can do many things. We used them to call and text. But with the advent of


Do I need a lawyer?

For example, everyone lives somewhere, works somewhere, drives somewhere. And there are problems with all of the aforementioned, and those that are not. And that these various problems can arise! And if it escalates, it can reach the stage where the circle of paragraphs begins to tighten around you. Normal people often get stuck here. This is because while we all know approximately what is allowed and what is not allowed, what is done and what is not done, there are so many nuances, even very small ones, that, after all, one does not know them. And it is

Cell phone

Cell Phones and Teenagers

I remember the first time my mother took me to a store that sold cell phones. And I looked around the store for a while, wondering why I was there, and after about 5 minutes my mother came up to me and told me to pick out a cheap cell phone. She said it would be my birthday in a week and I could pick out one of the phones. How happy I was. Because that was my dream. My best friend already had a cell phone and I was the only one who didn\’t. And I really don\’t