The Czech Republic, a beautiful and mysterious country

Pull a town in any region or district out of your imaginary hat and you will always find a place nearby with stories and legends that reek of mystery and the supernatural. Don\’t believe me? Give it a try.For example, Opava. Not far from this provincial city with its beautiful architecture and natural history museum is the ruins of Vitkov Castle. It is situated on a rocky promontory, under which the Moravice River flows lazily.Legend has it that Vitkov Castle was built solidly because something was mixed into the mortar. It was not egg, but something suitable for the people of Prague, so Charles IV wasted the egg. Moravians are more robustly built. In Vitkov\’s case, it was human blood.

Tajemná místa

But this is just a rumor. But for those who like to explore mysterious places, what makes Vitkov Castle interesting is the occasional appearance of a remarkable woman there, and her favorite thing to do is to walk the ruins of the castle walls. It is said that she is the ghost in the cellar of the walled wife of one of the castle\’s owners. He condemned her for her infidelity, which was not all her fault.

There are more interesting things to see near the town of Mohernice. First, there is the Mirov Castle, which until recently was considered the most difficult prison in Bohemia to escape from.

But we are not interested in Mirov. What we are interested in is the castle in the opposite direction from Mohernice. Everyone knows that castle. It is the famous Buzov Castle of fairy tales. Can you believe that it is haunted? And can you believe that there are witnesses to that ghost?

Správný hrad má své strašidlo

It happened one day, a group of young men were camping out in the castle to help maintain it. They were sitting around a fire, playing their guitars and singing. Their friend came out of the door of the castle. When she was a few feet away from the door, her friends froze in fear. Without opening the door, a figure came out of the door and followed her friends for a while. There is one more testimony about this castle, but you will have to find that out for yourself.