Basic Care for Your Skin

The options presented are selected with respect to their affordability and the time it takes to use them if you are going to achieve the desired results. Thus, the various electronic hair removal and epilation devices that promise perfect hair removal over a long period of time are not included, and their effectiveness is questionable in many respects.
pinzeta na obočí

Tweezers. Tweezers and their use are a technique that requires some practice, and while it is not recommended to remove hair in this manner on parts of the body (especially underarms), they serve their purpose in all situations. Unlike waxing, this method is superior in that it concentrates only on the areas where the hair actually grows, thus preventing further unwanted hair growth. However, this type of hair removal has the disadvantage of being time-consuming.
růžové holítko

Razors. There are many different types of razors on the Czech market. The disadvantage is that they need to be shaved in the presence of water (otherwise there is a risk of skin irritation and, for example, ingrown hairs). The advantage is that the shaving tools are relatively easy to handle and can be easily managed in one\’s bathroom at home.
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Hot wax. However, this method is more costly, time consuming, and technically more difficult than using tweezers or razors. On the plus side, the hair does not need to be removed repeatedly for several weeks after such a procedure.