Importance of Education

Why must we educate ourselves, learn new things, acquire new skills and new abilities? Because if we do not, the human race will be lost forever, and as generations go by, our behavioral patterns will begin to resemble those of animals, and we will lose the ability to use today\’s modern techniques and technologies for production and health care.
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All newly built houses will be in danger of collapsing, and people dying of minor infections will move further away from others into the forests and other areas, into rocks and caves, where they will gradually degenerate from today\’s humans to people, animals who will not even be self-sufficient and will starve to death They will degenerate even further. Yes, it may sound really extreme, but unfortunately, such an extreme story can become a reality if not only individuals, but the entire human race fails to educate itself.

Another possible scenario is that some groups or nations will not stop educating and, as a result, will begin to have power and dominance over others.
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What then? Are we going to learn and educate ourselves universally throughout our lives, or are we going to give up and begin to fall behind? Our rational faculties will begin to fade more and more, and soon mankind will be nothing but a two-legged animal, and we will forget that we even walked on two legs and start walking on four, instead of words, only screams. Because even words will be forgotten. And the educated few will separate from them and use such uneducated people for their own benefit and advantage, to exercise power over other nations and other peoples. All of life and death they will decide with a wave of their hand.

I don\’t want that, and neither do you.