New Civil Code Changes Compensation Amounts in Traffic Accidents

The amount of compensation paid by insurance companies in the event of an accident always depends on the type of insurance the driver has chosen. The legal minimum is SEK 35 million. In some cases, this amount of compensation may not cover the possibility of personal injury or death in an accident. Of course, it depends on how many hours a day you drive. For so-called holiday drivers or those who only drive a few hundred kilometers a week, just commuting daily on roads with little traffic, the basic premium is often sufficient.
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Accident and subsequent injury claims tend to be trickier when the driver is at fault for the accident and the person involved is a young person. In such cases, insurers may pay claims for up to several decades. The insurance company Kooperativa now offers a new type of product that covers property damage and personal health on behalf of its customers up to CZK 150 million.
Liability insurance also includes other so-called additional services. These include payments for damage to the vehicle itself, usually related to windshield breakage, collisions with wildlife, and hail damage to the vehicle body.
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How do I set the optimal premium?

Premiums should always be tailor-made. Each driver has different requirements, driving styles, and environments, with corresponding levels of risk. Rural drivers, who generally travel outside of urban areas and often drive along forested roads or in minimal traffic, do not need to consider the drastic damage caused by a car collision or mass death on the highway, although of course this cannot be ruled out, a collision with a deer is more likely than a mass death on the highway. In this case, it is advisable to choose an insurance policy designed for collisions with animals, i.e., damage to the vehicle body as well as damage to the vehicle\’s wiring. None of us wants a collision with a deer, but unfortunately such cases do happen.
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The situation is different for drivers in urban areas such as Prague, for example, who park their car in front of a house in an apartment complex, because of the risk of their car being broken into or damaged in a public parking lot. Also, the luggage in the car can be insured.
Insurers will also cover, at their own expense, misfueling of other vehicles, assistance in the event of fuel loss, and towing of a damaged, non-roadworthy vehicle. Most insurers also offer a variety of discounts for loyalty, and combining breakdown cover and windshield, rear glass, and side glass insurance can be beneficial.