Stay Healthy

Enough of this coronavirus. And to this day, this coronavirus is considered a credible threat. However, the situation (although it is difficult to say how much it really is, how much it is considered to be, or at least how much to keep the common people satisfied) has improved so much that we are even allowed to travel. The last few months have been so much better that we have been told we might be able to go to South Africa, where two years ago we were not allowed to go, first by the South Africans, then by our government, then by the transit candidate countries, but in the end, at least the obligations we have to fulfill before traveling are quite complicated, Moreover, no one knew until the last moment whether that would change or not.

hlava žirafy

Today you can go to South Africa with absolutely no problems. As far as coronaviruses are concerned, and indeed, as far as many other things are concerned. But coronaviruses are certainly far from the only disease that could threaten us in the world, and therefore we need to be prepared for other potential risks as well.

People traveling to South Africa usually do not need vaccinations. Unless they are traveling from a yellow fever country, they must be vaccinated against yellow fever and show proof of vaccination with an immunization card. However, it is not without other potential threats. Tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and typhoid vaccinations are recommended, as are actual recommendations in all parts of the country, and the use of antimalarial drugs along with repellents is sometimes recommended in the Kruger and KwaZulu-Natal national parks. And to avoid contracting bilharzia, no one here should bathe in stagnant fresh water. Not to mention the problem of HIV, but of course there is no vaccination against this disease.

slon a slůně

But despite these possible risks, there is no need to panic. For one thing, they can be prevented by effective prevention, no one is necessarily forced by circumstances to take this stuff locally, and if anything, they have a fairly good health care system. However, there is a risk of having a heart attack if a foreigner has to pay for it, so it is definitely a good idea to get health insurance and have money or a credit card ready, just in case. This is because they do not have a post-socialist health care system where someone gets treated first and then decides who pays.