Fun travel

One of the interesting travel destinations is Adrspach-Teplice rocks, one of the largest rock masses in Europe. Two tourist routes lead through the sandstone town, which is connected by Wolf Gorge. In the third Prince of fairy tales, these wonderful natural phenomena are in many shots. The huge rock walls of large waterfalls and the level of the flooded quarry Pískovna created the background of historical films and chronicles of Narnia. The Czech Paradise area is another destination for cinematic adventures. Because the film “How to Take Papa to Juvi” was filmed here.

Návštěva pohádkového zámku

Starring frantičeknmmec and tomášholま, he pleases the audience of the film. In the natural strata there is a wall in Hruboskalsko, along which the father teaches his son to climb for the first time. My grandfather\’s house is also preserved. Near it stands a building with a museum of feathers, where zdenksksvrrák and ladislavsmoljakjáracimrman were in the movie lying and sleeping. The film secrets of the fairy-tale Prince Bajaja and the castle of the Carpathian Mountains were also filmed in Bohemian Paradise. In this nature reserve, in addition to sightseeing trips, it is possible to ride a bicycle. The dense network of bicycle paths is suitable even for young children.

Cesta za filmovým dobrodružstvím

In central Bohemia, Dobuzys Castle is often a popular place to shoot both fairy tales and movies. Many scenes are filmed directly indoors as well as in the courtyard or in the immediate vicinity. In the hall of mirrors of Rococo Castle, the set was used to shoot many movie scenes. The last time was the Shanghai Knights with Jackie Chan. The film “Illusionist” also has a magical performance. This park was the stage for the British TV series “The Three Musketeers”. Ruled by a mysterious devil bridge over a flowing creek, English Park was used to film the latest fairy tale of the devil\’s land. Anyone who loves the winemakers of the TV series will go to Pálava. You can visit the Nové Mlinui Reservoir and the nature trail that runs from Dolny Vustnice. With 15 stops, tourists can get acquainted with the local vegetation, geology, rubble fields, hunting or the history of the Děvky Castle.