Travel in the Czech Republic

A trip around the Czech Republic offers a lot of great places that you are guaranteed to see. In this article we will look at the biggest tips that will not disappoint you or your family. The Czech Republic offers a wealth of interesting places to see. Whether it\’s castles, palaces, ruins, mountains, water works and much more. Sometimes it is not really easy to choose a place to go to see, and if you have the opportunity to take more rest, do not be afraid to travel through the Republic. All regions of the Czech Republic offer the best places to see. You need to filter them according to what you are interested in.


Someone is interested in history, so they are looking for castles, someone loves nature, so they are looking for paths in the forest, and someone likes to discover the beauty of the famous city. When choosing a place to go on a trip, you need not only the Internet, but also a lot of different applications offered by smartphones, as well as very interesting books.If we took it in the most visited places, Prague will definitely win, in general, without localization of the place. Prague is not only our capital, but also a city that belongs to the top of what the Czech Republic has to offer, so foreigners also visit it very often.

čský krumlov

In the imaginary 2nd place is the beautiful Baroque castle of DěTenice, which is proud of the fact that many Czech fairy tales were filmed there. The 3rd place is occupied by českー Krumlov Castle in the South Bohemian region. 1. This is one of those places you should visit at least once in your life. After visiting the castle, it is worth a walk through the beautifully maintained historic city. Only in the imaginary 4th place stands the Lednice-Valtice area. It is located in South Moravia and this area is followed by Pálava, famous all over the world for its very good wines. If you are more for hiking and nature, it is definitely worth visiting the treetop trails, which we have in the blessed Czech Republic. You can find them in Pustevny, Krkonoše, lower Moravia or Lipno.