In the summer there are goodies and delicacies

1. Not only is the flight a snack, but also sports and cake preparation are among the best culinary experiences. But if the outside is 35 degrees, leave the production to professionals and make it a free moment where you can enjoy the fruits of your work.

Which of the typical cupcake inventions can have practically anytime and anywhere? Are you a supporter of lightness and fruit flavors, or do you like to enjoy thick chocolate or sweet pudding? We have some tips for you, it will never touch you next and will always make a taste for you, especially your taste buds.
borůvkový cheescake
Already attractive in its appearance. Especially suitable for those who prefer a supple and loose body foundation and real homemade whipped cream. If you are not a fan of all kinds of fillings, then this cake is perfect for you.

*Paris cake
Are you a big fan of chocolate? That way, the Paris cake will never let you down. Cocoa body along with chocolate cream that is topped with a layer of chocolate. Every chocolate maker has a dream come true.
citronový koláč
For lovers of sweet and sour taste and iridescent colors. With that sugar icing, it will bring the most beautiful sweet coma you can imagine. Its moist body and various flavors are perfect for those who want to enjoy a little exotic.

This American sensation conquered our market about 10 years ago, and over time its popularity does not subside. If you do not mind a darker taste, then this milk dessert is just right for you.

*Fruit variations
It is perfect for summer. Whether it is custard or cottage cheese, in a fruit cake you can meet a variety of flavors, based on specially selected fruits. If you want to make it even more sticky, choose a variant with gelatin on top. For supporters of a healthier diet, fruit cake is the most suitable option.