How often is large-scale cleaning appropriate?

The fact that we want the house to be clean and fragrant, there is no dispute. Therefore, we also spend time cleaning and caring for her. But it is clear that with superficial, for example, dust wiping, we definitely do not get rid of all stains. Therefore, most people agree that it is sometimes necessary to perform the so-called great cleaning, in which we really delve into everything.

čistění koberce

This includes, for example, taking everything out of the cupboard, organizing and cleaning it, or washing the inside of the cupboard. You may be surprised at what the lost treasure is. But here it is necessary to get rid of unnecessary emotions, what you do not need, or what is not very valuable to you (old photos, etc.), unrelenting This especially applies to clothing – believe that even if you lose weight again, you will not wear it again.

This also includes completely rubbing off the floor. Instead of vacuuming, take a carpet cleaner to the floor, and then a suitable brush to the reno instead of a mop. Believe me, you will be surprised by the results. It is very difficult to remove stains.

výkonný čistič koberců

Well, well, we may ask, why go to all this trouble? Is classical cleaning not enough? The answer is that it was not enough. In these corners, in cabinet days and forgotten corners, not only dirt accumulates, but also various bacteria and other harmful bacteria that are absolutely not ideal for our health. If moisture is added, it can also lead to the development of mold, but this is definitely not ideal.

The question is how often you need to do this kind of cleaning. After all, there is no doubt that it takes a lot of time, and also that it is useless to perform it every week, for example. Most experts agree that in an average home it is enough to run it about 3 times in 1 month. So it\’s not too often or too late.