Household Management

Well, generally it\’s a matter of course. It means keeping the whole gear turning . Keep it from creaking, keep it from jamming, keep everything moving. It can be a bit nerve-wracking. If it\’s just one guy, it\’s not that big of a deal. Because what you don\’t clean up yourself stays put, and what you do clean up, you clean up the same way. It just has to be repeated from time to time. How often is up to the owner of the apartment, house or property.

But if there are more occupants in the household, there are more difficulties. A mother would understand. The mother cleans up one side, cleans up the other side, goes back to the first side, and there\’s the ball again… It\’s a mess. Who made it? No one, of course. Not my son, not my daughter, not anyone. It\’s just like I made it myself.

čistící prostředky

However, it is true that housewives today have somewhat easier jobs than housewives of the past. Modern housewives take advantage of technological advances; for example, they drop their robot vacuum cleaners on dirty floors and go to the candy store.

Also, if you run an automatic washer and dryer, you have two people in the candy store. After a while, a third person comes in and, when asked about the cleaning, says frankly that the person who made the mess is doing it; the two sigh and say that since they don\’t know who did it, they couldn\’t possibly do it themselves, and the third sarcastically asks if they know what a micro camera is. She has them everywhere and is at peace. At first, those who didn\’t clean up were humming, but when she played the images, their ears turned red and they went quiet. Now that they know the camera is there, they are honest enough to clean up and wash the dishes themselves. Or, more accurately, I put them in the dishwasher and turn it on.

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Thus, even housework is now completely different from before. Mom no longer has to lay a rag on the flooror chase the kidsaround with a broom, and the guilty are immediately obvious in the video. But the fact remains that no one wipes the dust off the shelves, and shoes don\’t clean themselves either. And there are more such acts. If only there was something for them. The sooner the better.