Easter outside the Czech Republic

Easter belongs to the traditional spring holiday, which we usually spend in the family circle. But how about trying a new style and going to a nice place to the sea for Easter? 

Easter, for many families, means spring cleaning, egg painting, and a lot of baking and cooking for all the guests who come to you for Easter.Sometimes you can, but come to the stage where you say you just don\’t want to use it that way. Usually this decision occurs if you have a big child, or if you do not have children yet, or you are already tired of this holiday. But how to change it.  Why not go to a warm place and spend these holidays with a delicious drink somewhere by the sea.


Where to go for Easter.

Before you start looking for a place to spend Easter, you need to clarify what to expect for this holiday. At the turn of the 3/4 month, the heat is certainly outside of Europe, but you can also enjoy a wonderful spring holiday in Europe. If we were talking outside the European continent, it is definitely worth mentioning Turkey, Egypt or the increasingly popular Tanzania, of course, there are also islands such as the Dominican Republic, Cyprus and Cape Verde. If you have not traveled for a long time, Europe offers you a lot of great places. 

velikonoční ostrovy

Where to go to Europe for Easter

You can travel wherever your heart desires. You can go to France, Malta, Italy, Spain and Greece. If you want to save on airfare, look for flights that are outside the weekend or fly to a small airport. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on airfare. Please note that these cheap flights do not include suitcases and you only have baggage for free. But somewhere in Portugal, for example, you can also pack an amazing 3 days.

In uz Velikonoce struvite v jakékoliv destinaci, in the unit vzdy je potreba si. Nyekum brizkim.