Business Tips

Affiliate Programs

If you have an Instagram, Facebook or YouTube page, you win. But if you don\’t, you can definitely get started because to make money this way, you need to have some influence online or have a community of people who follow you regularly on social media. Once you have accomplished this, you need to choose and plan which sites you will work with to make the products offered by your affiliate site\’s e-commerce store interesting and useful to your audience.
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The most common ones are sites like AliExpress, Amazon, or Czech stores that deal with products related to cosmetics, mainly targeting women. You ask the site for cooperation, and if the partnership (affiliate) is accepted, you focus your profile\’s content creation on the products you have chosen and place special links at the bottom of your posts and videos. When your fans click on your special link and make a purchase on your affiliate page, you earn a commission on the revenue from that purchase. Of course, the larger your community, the more revenue you will earn.
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Online language courses

You speak English or another language well? Then these tips are for you. If you learn a language through private lessons, the teacher charges approximately 300,- CZK per hour; if you work 8 hours a day, the teacher earns 2,400,- CZK per day, which is 72,000,- CZK per month. This is still enough to support a family, but what about working smarter? If a teacher started recording video courses instead of physically teaching, he could earn even more: if he could record and post a one-hour video in two hours, which 10 people pay for regularly, he could work 6 hours less per day and still earn the same salary as a private lesson. Another advantage is that they can work from home, saving even more time each day. This is an example of how working smart instead of working hard pays off.