Facebook Crashed

Thousands of fans and users of perhaps the most famous and well-known social network were certainly surprised two weeks ago. Nothing was functioning properly, not only on the network, but elsewhere as well. If you take a look at the mapDowndetectoryou will see that this problem is affecting our country as well. The Instagram network is also not functioning properly, with almost 15,000 users reporting problems. On Facebook, 7.5 thousand people complained, and on WhatsApp, just over 1,500 people complained. Now, the staff has not been very forthcoming and has not taken a stance on the issue of whether to reimburse those who submitted ads for lost profits. The only news at the time was that there appeared to be a breakdown in fairly routine maintenance. All information about targeted hacking was said to be made up.
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Yes, anything can happen; this is the second major problem since 2000/10. At the time, it only described a failure of the automated systemthat managed the configuration values
. Because of the seriousness of the problem, the server had to be shut down, repaired, and restarted. Of course, there were a few minor outages during that time, but nothing as major as this.
Now, “catastrophes” on a global scale were happily a thing of the past. Some people didn\’t care and didn\’t even notice it because everything was quickly fixed; those who remained unconnected to FB did all sorts of things.Some asked for corrections, some cursed, some went to the living room where they met their families. There were even reports of madmen calling the police. Yes, in this country and abroad. Can you believe it?
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So we can\’t help but hope the system doesn\’t collapse again. Because in a week or so, we may find ourselves doing just fine without this system. Of course, like any user, we are not all the same.