Euro in the Czech Republic?

Will the Euro be used in place of the Czech koruna? This question is scratching the head of many of us. The Czech Republic joined the European Union in 2004 after meeting Maastricht standards. Since then, there has been a debate about when the currency will be introduced in the Czech Republic. In order for the Euro to be introduced in our country, it must meet other standards. In 2004, when the Czech Republic became a member state, it did not meet these criteria. In particular, this was a condition for price stability and government deficits. Two other conditions have been met and are still met today. These are the criteria for interest rates and public debt. In 2018, the Czech Republic reached the stage when all 4 conditions were met. According to statistics, the preparation for the adoption of the euro is much better than in previous years, although there are still shortcomings. It is believed that the biggest problem is that the Czech Republic is weak on the overall level of the European Union.
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How do companies and the public see it? [10** favored by export-oriented enterprises, i.e. export-oriented enterprises
* Conversely, citizens do not currently want to be paid in euros. Their opinions were different before the economic crisis. They tended to accept it. But the subsequent crisis of 2008, when the Euro and many countries faced problems, their opinion changed.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the Euro

The introduction of a new currency will reduce the costs of other Czech companies. These include simplified accounting. Now companies have to charge in two currencies, at the same time the crown and the Euro. Among other advantages, we also include the simplification of travel to other countries of the European Union. People don\’t have to change their money every time they want to travel. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic will face a loss of monetary policy under the auspices of the Czech National Bank.

In addition to the general public and corporations, some political parties tend to accept it. For example, KDU-ŠSL,TOP09,STAN,