Availability of Education

There are still many places in the world where basic education is not common at all, and in these developing countries there are many illiterate people, especially women, who are tasked with having children rather than receiving education. The limited or remote availability of basic education, especially in African countries, is due to the level of poverty of the local population, the fact that children must also go to earn money to make ends meet for the family, or the distance to school, which can be many kilometers away if children want to get an education. The distance to schools is so great that children have to walk to school, even if it is many kilometers away, if they want to receive an education. In many such schools, facilities are inadequate, classes are held outdoors or in makeshift buildings, and there is one teacher for many students

pokapaný sešit inkoustem.

pokapaný sešit inkoustem

There are also obstacles on the part of the students. For example, if a girl begins a ladylike affair, she will not be able to attend school during that time because she will not have access to adequate sanitary facilities. Furthermore, by that time she is often married, her childhood is over, and she has become a wife and mother.

Schools in these areas depend on humanitarian aid to provide educational space, teachers, and at least basic supplies such as writing materials, notebooks, and stationery.
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In our world full of electronic devices, children are playing games on computers while often unaware that there are children who want an education but are not given that opportunity due to their place of birth or circumstances. And while our children are playing computer games, these poor children are also being used as slave labor in factories for 16 to 18 hours a day or wandering the streets begging. At best, they work as members of African tribes, tending to herds of goats, etc.

So let us cherish the opportunity to receive the education that the civilized world gives us in its educational system.