Success Stories

Walt Disney

We all know his world famous fairy tales till today. But how did such a Disney begin?

Walt was already an accomplishedcartoonistat a young age,but he was unable to use his talents at the factory where he worked and decided to work in a commercial studio and then a movie studio. During that time, he also started his own company, which was dissolved to finance his other work. Eventually he came to the conclusion that animated films were the best for him, and this time he restarted a company calledRough O Gram, which went bankrupt. Still, he did not give up and decided to enter Hollywood withMickey Mouse. His first feature film,Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, brought him eight Academy Awards; in 1955, he founded Disneyland ,which is now the second most profitable business of Walt Disney Studios
Disney, Mickey Mouse

Steve Jobs

founder of Apple was adopted. His biological parents\’ only wish was for him to go to college. That wish was granted, and Steve began attendingReed Collegebut soon dropped out. Instead, he took a seminar he liked. He began working with his friend Steve Wozniakshrinking chips at Atari and in 1976, Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Waynefounded Apple. His first computer, the Macintosh, was a financial success, but for Jobs it was not enough. GraduallyMacsand laterIpods, IPhonesand other gadgets of today began to be produced. In addition, he bought the Graphic Group and renamed it Pixar . Today, he and Disney have merged into one.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple was saved twice and has the highest success rate in the world.

Bill Gates

Did you know that the company name Microsoft

is a compound of the words microcomputer and software?

The company was founded by two friends, Bill Gates andPaul Allen . They both loved programming, and when they saw that the new microcomputerAltair 8800lacked software, they jumped at the chance. Thus, they both became what they are today. However, their trajectory has not been all positive, and they have been repeatedly accused of abusing their dominant position in the desktop OS field due to the Windows Media Player integration investigation and their failure to comply with the 2004 European Commission regulations

. Furthermore, he is the only person mentioned in this article who is still alive.

Albert Einstein

The most important physicist of the 20th century was not loyal to school ethics. He resented the school system and the fact that teachers preferred to memorize texts instead of understanding them. He dropped out of high schooland decided to graduate early. However, French was not his favorite subject and he failed the entrance exam. 0]He completed his secondary education at the Swiss Gimnasiumand after receiving his high school diploma, he went on to university.

He was an eccentric to others, but also a genius. His most famous scientific achievements includethe theory of relativity and the photoelectric effectfor which he received the Nobel Prize in 1921.