Internet of Things

IoT is the name given to smart devices. Derived from the English Internet of Things (IoT), it is a product that is controlled by the Internet with built-in devices to receive the Internet. They are wirelessly interconnected to facilitate the functioning of the home. 6]

Examples of IoT
Imagine that you own a TV that can establish a communication channel with “smart light bulbs”. In this way, these bulbs would be able to provide the optimal brightness settings for the room in relation to the brightness and color settings of the TV screen.
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Other examples include
– fitness bracelets that use GPS to tell you how many steps you have walked or how far you have run
– smart watches that check incoming mail, for example
A growing number of popular devices
These are smart, i.e.,electronically controlled household devices. Some of these products are portable. The most popular in this field are smart watches and fitness bracelets.

Where is the price threshold? 27]
It depends. For example, thermostats, temperature sensors, water detectors, as well as dimmers and similar sensors can be purchased for only a few hundred kroner. However,at 10,000 kronerkits begin to include one control center and several sensors or wireless sockets. If you are in the mood for a smartwatch, a complete set can cost tens of thousands of kroner.
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Steady interest from an expanding customer base
Interest in the Internet of Things continues to grow. While smartwatchesand otherwearable electronicsdominated demand last year,this year the number of home IoT applicants is up 75% globally and 50% nationally compared to last year. 41] What is being purchased the most this year?

Mostly smart scales , smart home products,IP cameras,smart thermostats,smart appliances. IoT is an emerging and fast-growing segment of the electronics industry.