What’s next?

We are stuck with that first idea because it is the right idea of the EU: to be completely self-sufficient, independent, and self-reliant as a whole, and that of course applies to the entire economy. Even the first immigration issue was not just a matter of bad decision-making by politiciansand a lack of consideration for the future
. Long-term, never-right decisions are now being made regarding the securityof our country , including modern epidemicsthat have the potential to become pandemics. Experts on human security and, by extension, balanced economies do not have the power to change things for the betterany time soon. The various corporations and mafiasthat control both immigrationto Europe and the financial markets are only now seeing (unfortunately, thanks to a new contagion) what has been happening and is happening for years on the world stock exchanges. The poor economy is the result of various machinations and dirty deals in the area of artificial money flows. [As a result, the price of gold is financially undervalued and the price of labor in small EU countries (of which we are one) is also undervalued . Only the large countries benefit from this. Hand in hand
politics and economics – today\’s bad results are the work of many EU politicians, past and present, who are in power. And ours.
Our country is one of those small countries that talk about democracy and liberal democracy. Butexpensive energy, complete expensive food, expensive housing, expensive services…… Some say employment is at a reasonable level, but already some economists are predicting that employment will decline rapidly. This is not only because of the epidemic in Europe. It is also the result of inadequate long-term decision-making by central banks, which always have a legitimate influence and connection to a country\’s economy through their decisions on financial stability, credit, and interest rates. Gold . It has always had a price,and certain valuables and coins have been backed by it innations. But that is a thing of the past; the CNB has been gradually selling off its gold. Who owns the rest? So the question and the word are elusive.ochrana vody a přírody
The price of gold was artificially undervalued, not only in our countrybut also in other countries. But this also underestimatedthe price of labor,not only the goldsmith\’s labor, but also as a whole,and today the price of gold has finallydoubled. Rhodium, which is more expensive than gold, costs 1 g/243,25 euros. Jewelry also increases in value by rhodium plating on silver. [Today, water is increasingly precious and will become more so
. If you have water on your land (with or without a house), do not sell it, no matter how high the price. Rejoice in the fact that you have water, and protect nature along with the water.