Christmas Traditions Around the World

If asked what a typical Czech Christmas tradition is, throwing lead, decorating Christmas trees, baking candy with children, listening to and singing carols, and going to church at midnight mass They would always mention it. They would also never miss the carp and potato salad. But what about foreign traditions? Probably not many. But that will change when you read the following lines. Because now, during the Christmas season, we will travel through some of them together.
Vánoční dárek
England and the United States
You are probably familiar with the customs of these English-speaking countries. In the UK, Father Christmas distributes presents, and in the US, Santa Claus does the same thing. However, the same is true in that the gifts are given at night, so children must wait until the morning of December 25th to receive their gifts. The traditional food is turkey, and the very sweet pudding, typical of Christmas in England, cannot be missed.
Jídlo pro Santu
In Ukraine, Christmas is not celebrated until January 7, and dinner is served a day earlier. In this country, spiders are kept and artificially hung in windows as decorations in honor of this holiday. The Christmas feast is served in the room where the so-called diduk, or sheaf of wheat, is kept. If you want to get lucky, go look for the spider\’s web, which is said to bring it.
Pečení cukroví
The Norwegian flag is displayed on Christmas decorations and outside the front door. Presents are given by Jurenissen, who receives porridge as a bribe from the children and leaves it outside the window the day before Christmas (so that Jurenissen can buy more presents).
In Spain, Christmas is associated with sheep and goat specialties. Christmas boards are lined with pine nut filled pastries and lemon cakes with added candied fruit. Speaking of Spaniards, the Christmas lottery, the most famous lottery in the world, is also a must.
Pečení cukroví
In France, children look forward to presents from the Christmas Father in the stocking above the fireplace. The feast itself plays a very important role in this country, where one can find all kinds of feasts. The traditional dish is turkey stuffed with edible chestnuts, and for dessert a log-style roulade is prepared.
In Italy, you won\’t find Santa Claus or any other gift-giving grandfather. This role is taken over by the witch Bafana, who is also there to motivate children to behave. [49] [50] [51] Africa [52] [53] [54].
Here, Christmas is primarily religious, and so they attend a large number of different Masses. Traditional gifts are mainly new clothes, and instead of dinner, they have a barbecue with friends and family while singing Christmas carols. In some areas, however, a giant Santa Claus can be seen.