What makes a good manager

Anyone can be a manager, but few can be good managers. According to one study, the most important qualities of a good manager are assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence, and inspiration. Good managers are able to appreciate and inspire better performance. How can one develop leadership skills to become a stronger, more effective manager?
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One of the most important techniques is the art of delegation. You need to start by trusting your team and not be afraid to delegate tasks to them. Encourage your team\’s creativity and offer them new challenges. If you offer your team new challenges, they will overcome their limitations and reach their goals more easily.

A good manager cares about the group as a whole achieving its goals. It is important to let them know that you care about their progress and motivate them to do more. Remember to let people know how much you care about what they share with the whole group.
Don\’t forget good motivation, either. If you can properly motivate your people, you can lead them to new levels of success. Good managers listen to their people and know how to help them move forward. When this is done well, work becomes more fun than a duty.
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Communication is the foundation of everything. Whether verbal or nonverbal, demonstrate how much you care about your team. Listen to them, support them, and develop their skills. If you maintain regular communication with your team members, they will contribute to discussions and will appreciate your work and accomplishments. Good managers have a positive, upbeat attitude that inspires others. Even when things go wrong in the team or a task seems more difficult than it initially was, a good manager remains positive and tries to convey optimism to other team members. This approach provides hope at different stages of a challenge