A Nice Home

Do you value your home or not? I guess that is also up to each person, but a nice home is a housewife\’s prerogative. It reminds me of my mother. My mother always wanted to have a home that was perfect and to our liking. But not everything can be done the way you want it. And since my mother also had a good job that allowed her to earn a lot of money, she was able to fulfill her dream slowly but surely. My mother bought a very nice refrigerator and washing machine for the house. My mother always wanted silver and chrome shades. It was very modern, and my mother liked it very much. But a house is not a home. A home depends on how much money you make at work. But I don\’t think everyone would choose this one.”

Máte doma i pracovnu?

There are so many people who want to have a faithful, decent, and perfect home but do not have the money to do so. This is a very sad situation. For example, I know a woman who has a lot of money, but unfortunately she does not value her family very much. She prefers to spend her hard-earned money at a bar somewhere with her friends or husband. If you saw her family, you would probably be shocked.

Domácnost má každý jinou.

She has a lot of clutter everywhere, sometimes even dirt. That\’s true. I have been to that house twice and would not want that in my own home. One of my neighbors is poor, but she takes very good care of her house. Additionally, her children are also decent and encouraged to keep a clean house. If parents encourage their children to keep a clean house, I believe those children will do so as adults. And do they also care about the reputation of having a good home or not? Some people are also guided solely by what kind of home a person has, which I don\’t think is such a good idea. Unfortunately, we don\’t get to choose who we surround ourselves with.