What do schools around the world look like?

Each of us bequeathed to equip his primary school. Someone has a negative memory of her, someone is positive. But today we want to focus on what schools on other continents look like, because not all schools are like Czech schools.
školní tabulka

United Kingdom

We don\’t need to go far to discover a completely different education system. In the UK, students are required to wear school uniforms. The regulation is aimed at preventing bullying because of family wealth, which indicates which clothes a person is wearing.
Children start school at the age of 5 and therefore leave school early. Students can also attend the university after the second-level school (secondary school), which is the preparatory school of the university.


American schools also have different systems, but the country of the original US parent is the United Kingdom. Students after primary school (primary school) attend secondary school (high school), which performs similar functions as grammar schools. After that, students decide which university and in which field they want to apply.
An important part of all American students is the so-called. Prom NightI hope the girl will wear a huge dress and become the queen of the prom. This can be seen in virtually all American films for teenagers.
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South Korea

Korean schools, like British schools, require uniforms. And also for the same reason. Korean children are under a lot of pressure to learn. It is common for students to sleep with short breaks at school because they are studying all night and catch up with sleep during the day.
Another 1 difference is the schedule of children at school. In our country, the child does six plus six hours in school, and then has a day off. Unlike him, a Korean child has a day planning to do a few hours at school, then he has some kind of group of interest (often it is musical instruments and fine arts), and then he goes back to school to the library to learn extra things because without them, he can not get good grades.