Increase Productivity

If you want to be more efficient on the Internet, you need to know which sites you waste most of your time on. For most people, social networking sites are the biggest draw, but many also roam news sites or browse online shopping offers. But it is important to always remember the same thing. We go to these sites not because we are actually interested in the content, but because we don\’t feel like doing what we should be doing. Looking at pictures and watching videos is simply more fun than reading and responding to emails or writing boring reports.
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So the first step in successfully managing vices is to find sufficient motivation to do what needs to be done. But that motivation could be, for example, to visit our problem sites. In other words, instead of making the site your enemy, make it an ally that rewards you regularly. For example, you could say to yourself, “If I work for an hour now, I will reward myself with 10 minutes on Facebook. That way, no site will be your enemy, but all will be your friends.
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Another option is an application that blocks access to selected sites for a certain amount of time. This may not train your willpower, but if you are truly on your heels, it is probably the most effective solution. Be careful not to replace surfing the Internet with something else, however. Also, you should put down your cell phone and focus on what you need to do.
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And you should always take at least small breaks to give your brain a rest. For example, go outside for five minutes, cuddle with your pet, make a cup of tea, or do some stretching. Your brain will rest and you will return to work refreshed. Because only a fresh brain can resist the temptations and pitfalls of the Internet.