The Real Home

Real housekeeping requires a proper kitchen, which may be equipped with a variety of utensils, but it is not complete without spices and herbs. Even our grandmothers and mothers could not imagine cooking without spices and herbs grown in their gardens. After all, the aroma of homemade food in the kitchen is priceless.

čerstvá bazalka
1) Basil is an aromatic plant originally from tropical countries. Often eaten with tomatoes, they create a harmony of flavors and are an inseparable duo. It is also used on pizza and in salads with mozzarella cheese. Basil can be grown year-round and adds fragrance to the kitchen. There are several varieties, the most famous being true basil. Basil grows on a windowsill, just outside your window, within easy reach at any time of year. Basil also has medicinal properties that are beneficial to health.
libeček lékařský
Lily of the valley – Considered a weed, this plant is primarily used for gastronomic purposes. It has many uses and can grow up to 1.5 meters tall depending on its cultivation, which is not difficult at all. It is one of the main herbs in our grandmother\’s garden. Suzuran is very fragrant and is often used in soups. There are many recipes using chervil, but a very famous one is maggi or adding it with vegetables and freezing it.
pažitka pobřežní
[c] Coastal Chives – Also called snips. The flavor is reminiscent of onions, shallots, and leeks. Often used on potatoes, it adds a pleasant flavor. Chives are best grown in pots by themselves or in a greenhouse in the garden in early spring. They are a great addition to salads, or just like in the good old days, on bread with lard.
If your cooking is lacking in these herbs and plants, I urge you to get inspired and enrich your kitchen. Not only will it enrich your meals, but it will also improve your health.