Education as a Priority

Education is still considered irreplaceable. And naturally. We can learn from history that education is the basis for understanding the diversity of cultures and opinions. We need to be able to avoid situations that lead to violence. But nothing should be exaggerated. We are now in a situation where we can learn everything possible at university, including free time. The desire to achieve the best possible education coincides with the desire to achieve the best results, a degree and a red diploma. Unfortunately, this is the first effort and desire for knowledge, and then to understand how everything around us works and to know that the world around us is moving to 2nd place. Therefore, he can often hear the lamentations around him: and why do I learn this, when I do not use it in life anyway?


We need to remember that all grades, diplomas and certificates are just papers and symbols that should make sense to us. After all, all these titles and papers are absolutely useless if we really don\’t know or control what they testify to.

školní docházka

Recently, psychologists, educators and even parents of children are vying for whether it is more beneficial to evaluate a child verbally. I don\’t think that\’s an easy answer. Verbal evaluation may be more eloquent and tell more, but if you misspell it, it can do more harm than good. Perhaps we can say that it is the duty of the teacher to write a good assessment so that the child has something to take from it. But the question is whether our overworked teachers will not write this review after midnight, their eyes will roll with fatigue and their only effort will probably be to verbally evaluate more children than any of us can imagine if we can provide them with better conditions for paternity as soon as possible.