Painting Tips

Painting one or two rooms does not require complicated preparation, especially if it is a small closet or bathroom. However, if you want to start painting an entire apartment, you already need to do a little better preparation. [At the very least, you should choose the right time of year for this activity: spring, summer, or early fall. Painting in winter does not make much sense, since the cold weather does not allow for ventilation and the paint takes longer to dry. Furthermore, heat also contributes to drying.

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Proper tools

Of course, you need to purchase the proper tools before you begin. Decide from the outset whether you will apply the paint with a traditional brush or with a roller. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, brushes are more difficult for the amateur than rollers. However, if you know how to use them, your work will be more comfortable and the quality of your painting will improve. Moreover, nowhere does it say that both tools should not be used. For example, use a brush for the first primer coat, a roller for the second, and if necessary, a roller for the third. The tools should also not lack a spatula to remove fallen plaster and a tool to prime the wall so that the paint can penetrate well.
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How do you do it? 20]

If you are going to give the entire flat a new coat of paint, plan the following. Decide which rooms will be redecorated first and which rooms will be done later. If you are painting the room itself, you must remember that one coat of paint is not sufficient. [If painting with a brush, apply the first coat carefully and thoughtfully, stroke by stroke. With a roller, such consistency is important only for the second coat. Remember this and don\’t get too busy. You don\’t want to do the opposite of a complicated fix.