How to shorten the time?

I don\’t want to say that all of us remember the days when we spent day and night playing computer games or spending the same amount of time playing games on different types of consoles. Even if we are no longer children, we may still want to play for a while again and go back to our adolescent years and when we did not have to worry about our finances, our children\’s health and similar things.
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Now that we have less time to play, we can at least tell them about the hottest games and bestsellers. This list might come in handy when choosing gifts for your kids, or if you\’re of the younger generation, we might be able to advise you on games that should be on the rocks right now.
Our list lists the five best-selling games in history. Incidentally, I\’ve actually played eight of these, and they are sure to amaze you at any age.

1. Mario
Everyone in the world knows Mario. His developer is Nintendo, and his first title was released in 1981. To date, it has sold over 528 million copies.
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2. Tetris
Tetris was released in 1984 by the Tetris Company Over 495 million games have been sold. There is probably no one in the Czech Republic who has not heard of this game. Of course, the first big uproar about the game occurred after the revolution, and the second big wave occurred when the game was released on smartphones and tablets. It may seem a bit clichéd, but people all over the world have certainly fallen in love with these dice that disappear when you line them up.

Game flacks took advantage of the popularity of the Pokémon series in 1996 and released this game where it is actually fun to capture, train, and battle fictional characters. million copies of the game had been sold by 2016. It will be interesting to see how the numbers evolve with a new form of this game by the same developer, the publicly loved version of Pokémon Go.

4. Call of Duty
Infinity Ward filled an obvious hole in the market with its Call for Duty game in 2003. with over 250 million copies sold, this game may not surprise us anymore with something new. It may not wow us, but it speaks to the fact that each new game is guaranteed to sell millions more.
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5. Grand Theft Auto
In 1997, Rockstar North hit the market with Call of Duty, selling an astounding 240 million units, which not only marks the title\’s 20th anniversary this year, but is also a as well as a clear indication that it is a huge success in the gaming arena. And frankly. Who wouldn\’t enjoy this game?

And what will you play in your next spare moment?