Mathematics – Scarecrow or Lover?

And remember those endless math classes where time stopped and minutes felt like hours during calculus class? Or the joy of solving calculated examples and difficult logic problems that made math so much fun? But not everyone found the assignments easy, and most students were sweating instead of enjoying themselves in front of the blackboard.
geo-trojúhelník a kružítko
Mathematics was and still is a very boring and unnecessary duty for many students. However, this is a big mistake. Because we need math every day, many times a day. We need to calculate how much we will spend on groceries and how much the clerk will reimburse us, but we also need to calculate, for example, how much we will spend on gas during the holidays and how well our rent will work out. This is all simple mathematics, but we may also encounter more complex mathematics, where we are no longer simply counting numbers, but finding patterns and systems.
matematika a dítě
Can mathematics be taught in interesting ways?
But math may not be such a big scarecrow. Research shows that young children look forward to math, while older children would rather take it off the timetable. However, all educators need to do is combine math with practice. After all, counting cars on the street is much more fun than doing it in the classroom. If teachers are experienced and playful, math can be a very popular subject. Mathematics can be taught creatively, and this pedagogy has been approved by the Ministry of Education since 2007. It makes it easier and more fun for students to explore the mysteries of calculus, and as a result, their grades improve.
However, learning higher mathematics means, first and foremost, training to think well. In many cases, mathematics is not about numbers, but about the scientific discovery of systems.

To learn faster
Above all, children should not be forced to learn. However, when they are enthusiastic about calculus, they can compute five times faster than when they are forced to. Also, not having too many students in the classroom allows the teacher to pay more attention to each student.