Hlubokar nad Vltavu has interesting Easter traditions

South Bohemia is the most visited region in the Czech Republic in terms of tourism. The varied landscape, where almost all natural phenomena can be found, with the exception of the sea, is sparsely populated and less affected by industry, which is why many people spend not only weekends but also vacations and vacations here.

zámek v hluboké nad vltavou

Visitors to Prachatice, Vimperia, České Budějovice, Českokrumlovsko, and Třeboni are greeted by picturesque landscapes, imaginative architecture, and finely designed sports and entertainment facilities. Hlubokar Nad Vltavu is one such place.

Since 2015, a promenade with giant Easter eggs has been built here during the Easter season. They will be displayed along the left bank of the Vltava River, some of which can also be seen in the castle\’s park, along the dam of Munitsky Pond, and in the hunting lodge Ofrada.
vvypuštěný rybník

Scattered around the perimeter are half-ton concrete eggs

But these beautiful eggs are not just fragile lime shells; they are cast in concrete and weigh 450 kg. There are 16 in all, each approximately one meter tall and, of course, uniquely painted. Afterschool, a leisure time center, invented this tradition, and designer Matusz Holly came up with the idea of creating something monumental and tasteful at the same time. Concrete castings following his design, including the molds, were made by the Manet company.

The concrete egg is reminiscent of its predecessor, the life-size painted bull that appeared in our country in 2004. At the time, it had various symbols of social, health, sports, and cultural promotion, and was eventually auctioned off at a public sale due to the interesting diversification of the capital city of Prague, which was in recession.
vajíčka v trávě

However, the Fulvoka egg is unlikely to be auctioned off and should grace the golf course until the next Spring Festival. Various volunteers, artists, academic painters, and children from the Fulvoka Nad Vltavou elementary school are involved in the decoration.