Is it a good idea to store ICE numbers in your cell phone?

Not long ago, the recommendation to store three ICE numbers, called ICE1, ICE2, and ICE3, on your cell phone swept across Japan. This abbreviation is based on the English In Case of Emergency.

The principle is simple: if you are in an accident, emergency personnel can call any of the numbers. This lets your loved ones know what happened to you and at the same time obtain important information that could affect your rescue, for example, drug allergies, long-term illnesses such as diabetes or heart problems, etc.

někteří lidé si do mobilu ukládají ICE čísla

You should choose a familiar contact who actually has this information and can provide it if necessary. This could, in theory, even save your life. So it is understandable that this advice was widely shared. After all, on the surface it seems very reasonable. But it is only at first glance.

Indeed, it is important to remember that rescue workers usually do not have time to look for the victim\’s cell phone. In most cases, rescue workers are only focused on how to stabilize the victim, get him to the hospital as quickly as possible, and get him the help he needs. So there is absolutely no time to look for a cell phone.

účastníkem dopravní nehody se může stát každý z nás

Another factor to consider is that virtually everyone locks their cell phones for security reasons, such as PIN, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Thus, it is unlikely that a medical professional could break into a cell phone.

These are also reasons why something like this is unnecessary. Certainly relatives will be contacted, but usually only after the patient has been taken to the hospital and the situation has calmed down somewhat. So it is absolutely not worth following this advice.

Now, however, what if, for example, the person really has a drug allergy, is taking blood thinners, or is diabetic? Then you should carry a card that clearly states that so that the paramedics can easily find you. This can really save your life.