How to Relieve Boredom on the Internet

If you spend a lot of time on the computer and have run out of ideas what to do on the Internet, we have some interesting tips to save you long hours.

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1.Play Games

Perhaps the most common and unpopular pastime is online gaming. This is a surefire way to pass the time. You can play online internet games (such as Travian or Goodgame Epire), or you can shorten the long hours with mini-games on, for example. Which game you choose is up to you and your computer. If you need to entertain yourself at work, for example, you\’re probably out of luck, as many of these sites tend to be blocked by employers. Reading jokes

[ii] Reading jokesReading jokes

Between a long day of work, there\’s nothing like reading funny lines online. Such sites have the advantage that they are often not blocked by employers. However, if you choose this option, be careful not to start laughing at the screen in the office.
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Betting is a particularly good pastime for men. You can bet on almost anything, and you don\’t have to bet a lot of money, but it is sure to entertain you.65]


Found on the Internet Read some interesting articles. If that doesn\’t work, do yourself a favor and download the entire book at once and start reading. The bonus for you will be that you will learn something new and interesting.

5.Watch video

YouTubers are only for kids. Try it and watch a funny video. You may not be able to stop laughing until you belly laugh. There are so many videos available on the Internet, you are sure to find one that suits you.


Just start chatting with someone. You can sign up for Czech dating sites or international dating sites. Bonus points on the international ones is that you get to practice your perfect foreign language.