Avalanches, how to face them

Yes, avalanches are the biggest killer in the mountains. The strength of the avalanche did not resist the whole village. They have long cut off many people from the world. They destroyed and killed property. And undoubtedly, if you are engaged in winter tourism and skiing in the mountains, they also directly threaten you. Perhaps, before you know the avalanche personally, it can be said that it is only a matter of time. In the best case, you will observe it from a distance. Second…

utržená lavina

The title is how to deal with avalanches. It is best to avoid the avalanche area. But if your lifestyle is wandering around mountains or mountain harbors, it is clear to you that it is practically impossible. After all, there are cases where avalanches claim victims directly on public slopes.

What can we do to reduce risk? They say ignorance of the law is not an excuse. This phrase can also be applied to the problem of avalanches. Ignorance of the dangers of avalanches is not an excuse, ignorance is paid. And difficult. Looking back at the fact that even experts are often surprised by avalanches, there are a number of signs that indicate whether the risk of avalanches increases.

This is primarily an immediate weather situation. Otherwise stable weather changes double the risk of spontaneous release of avalanches. Wind, rain, temperature changes, heavy and prolonged snowfall are all warning signs.

Then there is a mountain slope. Their terrain, vegetation and natural obstacles. Orientation to the world side. Especially slopes. Whenever the slope slope is higher than 30by, it is a slope that is potentially very avalanche risk. If you are equipped with a modern search engine, you have a inclinometer on it. If you do not have a search engine or are not equipped with a functional inclinometer, you can use a smartphone. Of course, you have previously downloaded an application that includes a chronometer. Then we put the phone on the ski bar, for example, which we freely put on the slopes.
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Information about the danger of avalanches is given to us by mountain services, where the area falls. Always respect their recommendations and warnings. Mountain guides know their mountains best and never take their advice lightly.