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Yoga is a type of exercise, not only for physical improvement but mainly for mental improvement. This miracle consists in using slow and maximum mind movements to stretch your muscles, breathe regularly, and not think about the worries of daily life that cause us stress. By doing so, you relax both your body and your mind. While this sounds like an interesting way to stay healthy, it is also important to note that in yoga, there is a set of poses in a certain order. This is hard to remember, and more importantly, you hardly realize which muscles to target in which positions. There are YouTube videos for this, and you can learn all the techniques in a few days.
cvičení v přírodě
What do you need for this kind of yoga practice?
Actually, almost nothing. A laptop, a cell phone or other device with Internet access, comfortable clothing for practicing (some people practice yoga naked, it\’s more natural), a mat for practicing (a thin blanket or carpet is fine at first), and most importantly, the desire to practice. There is no point in yoga if you are forced to practice.
How do I start practicing?
For the next 30 minutes to an hour, make sure nothing disturbs you. Turn off your cell phone and tell your roommate not to disturb you. It is important to be quiet and calm so that you can focus on yourself and your thoughts. Some people start yoga with a short meditation where they don\’t think about anything and just let their thoughts flow, but it\’s up to you; look for videos on YouTube on the subject “yoga for beginners.” There are some videos in English, but the English language has a larger selection.
How do I know if I am doing it right?
Not very accurate, but in my opinion, yoga is a success if it helps you in some way, both physically and mentally. If you feel relieved from stress and your back is no longer aching, then yoga is a success.
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How do these videos work?

In most cases, these videos are based on the principle that one person (usually a woman) guides you through the entire exercise, giving tips and explaining exactly what the exercise is. Importantly, this person must be in a positive mood. \’Don\’t be shy about relaxing, moving your body, and releasing tension.\’ I would expect such advice from a yoga teacher. They will surely make you feel better, positive and friendly.