Work and Cell Phones

Everyone already has a cell phone. I often use my cell phone to do my work. I use my cell phone a lot because I need to know the status of deliveries all the time. The company I work for delivers newspapers and other newspaper goods, and we also deliver cigarettes. So it stands to reason that I always have to contact the people I deliver to. Unfortunately, there have been many times when the person on the other end of the line did not pick up the phone at all. That was very frustrating because if no one picked up their cell phone, I wouldn\’t know what to do with the goods. So we couldn\’t automatically figure out when and where to deliver the goods. Of course, there were deadlines and locations, but if no one opened the warehouse door, there would be nowhere to use the goods. And sometimes it can be complicated.

Mobil je pro mě důležitý.

It stands to reason that you can\’t just put merchandise in front of a store or a warehouse. Of course, someone would take advantage of that. Unfortunately, theft is very common today. It is a criminal act and I don\’t understand why. That\’s why I carry my cell phone with me all the time, but sometimes it\’s really unnecessary.

Mobil mám stále u sebe.

There is no point if I have an appointment and no one answers. I\’m always very grumpy, and because of that and because I\’m a difficult person, I always get really irritated about most everything. And I love my job, but sometimes I think that this lack of consideration for my clients will lead me to leave this job soon. Maybe I will go to another job. Or maybe I will stop delivering goods and tell them that the cell phone is there to answer the phone with their boss so they know where to deliver all the goods. In my opinion, if people want something, they should try to get it too.