Where to Go After Elementary School

If your child is now entering one of the final grades of elementary school, you are no doubt struggling with the question of where to send your child after elementary school. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important choices in your child\’s life. If you make the wrong choice of school, it could affect a large part of the rest of his or her life. So how can you avoid making a mistake?

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Let the child decide!

Surely you know your child well and know what is best for them. If you interfere too much with that choice, your offspring may blame you years later. If he or she makes the choice himself or herself, it is the best choice. Needless to say, the child himself needs to know which areas he is most connected to and which he enjoys the most.


You may also have the outdated idea that apprenticeships are for less bright children. However, the exact opposite is true. The skilled craftsman is now paid in gold, and even many colleges and universities often cannot replace him. If your concern is that you don\’t want your child to do much work, but you want him to earn well at it, then you need not worry about apprenticeship. Sure, you have to let your child do manual labor in the beginning, but you have to admit that your child can do no wrong, considering that in the years that follow, he or she will be able to carve out a life for himself or herself. Not to mention that if the child is not satisfied with his chosen field, he can always follow up with a high school diploma.
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Transfer to High School

The idea that only smart kids go to these schools is a thing of the past. Today, even these schools have students who are not very smart. Secondary schools with a high school diploma are particularly suited to children who are gifted in knowledge but at the same time are not very skilled.

If we really want to make good choices, we need to leave behind outdated opinions and outdated ideas. Believe it or not, these days, a high school diploma is no longer a prize; most people have one.