The rich are a nuisance

and the poor are a nuisance

. There are several reasons why modern economics has come to view the excess wealthy as an undue burden to the free market and capitalist economy.

monte carlo

a) The rich are rich because they take and accumulate more wealth from other areas
In order to have money, someone has to lose it (voluntarily or involuntarily), for example, poor people are prohibited from going to Monaco or or in the more or less closed Republic of Switzerland, where the ranks of the poor are ranked from the average wealthy person to the richest in the world. The rich accumulate wealth and do not like to share it. Our prime minister boasts about how much taxes he pays, while the poor pay the same percentage, perhaps even more. Those whose incomes exceed 120 pay different tax rates, because such people know how to get as little as possible out of their pie.

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on one side of the fence is extreme poverty, while a meter away are huge mansions inhabited by the wealthiest people in South America. On one side, there is poverty that escapes by miracle or death, and on the other, there is enough money revolving every day to build new living quarters.


b) The wealthy tend to succumb to political power
While the poor tend to succumb to populism and surrender their share of power to the all-powerful who will save them, the rich tend to succumb to political decision-making and the influence they can exercise for the benefit of their wealth tend to succumb to the lure of the “taxpayer.

The millions they donate to charities for tax purposes are a pittance compared to some incomes, and cannot even be considered a debate worth discussing.