Smart Apps

You probably have several loyalty cards from various stores in your wallet. That\’s all well and good, but over time your wallet gets full, and it\’s easy for cards to fall out or get lost. That\’s where the clever Stocard app, which you can easily download from the Play Store, comes in. Just open the program\’s scanner and load the loyalty card in question. The card number, barcode, and store name logo are stored on your phone. This eliminates the need to carry the card with you all the time. Just hand the code to the clerk at the store to scan it, and the rewards will be credited to your card as usual. There is no need to worry about the code being unreadable, damaged, or stolen.
práce na telefonu
IDOS Timetable
Need to go somewhere by tram, bus, subway, or train, but don\’t know which connection will take you where at what time? First, set which mode of transportation you need to use, then set your starting point and destination. Next, simply select the appropriate time or extended assignment, if needed. This allows you to select the airline, direct connection, mode of transportation, and transit station. Since everything works online, there is no need to worry about outdated timetables becoming invalid. Additionally, since the app is connected to the dispatch center, it displays the current connection delays. This ensures a comfortable trip.
aplikace v mobilu
Need to plan a car trip for a family vacation? That is no longer a problem. What\’s more, with Maps you can download maps of the Czech Republic and other countries for offline use; just turn on your GPS and select your start and finish points. You can select the starting point of the route as your current location, so there is no extra stress on your current location. While driving, you can see the maximum speed, how many meters to turn and where to turn, and several other useful information. There is also a tourist map along with a traffic map, so if you go somewhere in the countryside, you will immediately know where you are and discover beautiful nature and places of interest.