I like to learn

What does education mean to you? For many people, education may mean nothing at all. I know many such people. For example, my neighbor, who is a trained cook, always told me that she never enjoyed learning or education. She told me that ambition and getting a great education in school did not appeal to her at all. I had always loved learning from an early age, and I loved books. I especially loved books about facts. I loved the planets and the universe. Space was really interesting to me and out of reach. I can\’t say that I would never go there. But that has nothing to do with education. I love learning and my mother is very proud of me. That\’s why I graduated from two colleges. I thought I couldn\’t do it anymore, but the truth is this.

Někdy je učení složité.

You might be surprised at what most people can do when they graduate from two colleges. But it took a lot of effort on my part, too: even though I was a full-time student at one college, attending every day, I attended the second college remotely, once a week. It was quite a challenge. I didn\’t always know which school was best for me.

Vzdělaní musejí být lékaři.

I ended up having to extend my first academic year by one year. Otherwise, I could not have endured it physically and mentally. In the end, I am glad that I successfully graduated from both of my two colleges. At least now I can choose what career I want to pursue. I could easily become a teacher, a lawyer, or a translator. My mother made my education possible by paying for my tuition. And I hope that my children will have this same diligent school aspiration.