I enjoy education

I told myself that when I graduated from elementary school I would go somewhere very fun. But I still couldn\’t decide which major was right for me. So I ended up going to the place closest to home. I went on to sales. You must be laughing because a saleswoman can become one even if she only has an elementary education, right? I think so too. But it really was the school closest to home. I didn\’t know what I wanted to do with my life. But it is clear that you have to have something. I had to have something to prove my education. Otherwise, my parents would have been really unhappy if I had only finished elementary school. Because no one in my family has primary education. I don\’t even have an education certificate. Everyone is either a high school or college graduate. So in my family, everyone is required to have at least a high school diploma.

Knihovny mě baví.

So am I to be the first black sheep in my family? I don\’t know why, but I think it would be very disappointing. That\’s why I switched to nursing during my second year of my sales clerk apprenticeship. Health school was a better option for me after I graduated. To be honest, my parents also knew that I would eventually.

Učení mě docela bavilo.

And I have to admit that I could do more with a high school diploma than just an academic certificate. In the end, when I got my high school diploma, I was very excited and glad I finally made that decision. Because now I knew that I could become a salesperson with a high school diploma. Do you know where I sell? I sell at a pharmacy. I really enjoy it and I\’m glad I went to that school. So education is very important, but it doesn\’t have to mean everything. I tell myself that a good education is a big plus.