How to maintain order at home when you have a minimum of time and do not like cleaning from the soul!

When you get home, do you feel like the bomb is gone? Is it possible to maintain order in the house, even if you are not cleaning? 

How to Keep Your House Clean When You have minimal time and you hate cleaning from the soul! 

Your house is a mess, your things are scattered everywhere, but you don\’t have time to clean everything? This happens in many people, especially in homes with children, but the problem of constantly accumulating confusion is common. But if you do not want to spend a free day running around with a vacuum cleaner, duster and trying to rearrange everything and store it in place, you need to find a system that will no longer show the house like a bomb that fell in the middle of the living room. What tricks do you use and do not spend all your spare time cleaning? 

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Organize the storage of things

Do you just throw things around the apartment and make an eye out so that at home you have an incredible mess? This is most often evidenced by the children\’s room. Often, it is enough to put everything in that place, put things together, put them in a cabinet or hanger, but after putting the toys in that place, if you put things all around and do not worry about whether they are in that place, you will create unnecessary confusion and anarchy around yourself. It can be done in a completely different way. Just putting an object in its place, you can help yourself by learning to put everything you have in the place where it really belongs. Neatly arranged in its place will look good, and at first glance it will look nice in your home. Various organizers, storage boxes and shelves can also help. Also, learn to have at home only what you really use and what you have a relationship with. Keep it in the basement so that you don\’t throw away unnecessary things that you don\’t usually notice, give them away, or get stuck at home. 

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Do you clean every day? 

Does this sound like nonsense to you? After all, you do not clean every day when you have no time for it at all or when you are tired after work. But cleaning is not like cleaning, you do not need to do a general cleaning every day, you do not need to wipe or clean every day, you do not need to run with rags. However, if you find even 10 minutes for quick cleaning every day, you needlessly worry about cleaning for several hours, such as on weekends, to maintain order in the apartment continuously.

Therefore, take the time to wipe the tables and lines, wash the toilet, and then clean the loose things in their place. If you do it this way every day, cleaning is no longer such a burden for you. Learn to ventilate a lot at home, smell the apartment with scented candles, and even if you do minimal work, your house will be like sugar.