Faded roses

Many women are fascinated by the sight of flowers in vases. Sadly, it only lasts a few days, a week at best. There are many ways and “girl\’s advice”, for example, to dip a flower in cold water, add chemicals from the florist, cut the stem. But nothing will keep you flowers for a very long time.
But what if there were roses that were alive and lasting up to 3 years? Is that impossible? not today! You will come across them in every second flower shop or gift shop.
kytice z růží.jpg
The miracle of the invention is not fully explained, but it works anyway. Here are some things you should know:
Are you afraid that you can not afford this achievement today? That\’s not true anymore. You can also get roses in gift protective packaging for fun 250-400CZK. It depends on the brand and color of the flower. In the market you can also find gems such as rose black and blue.
2.       Endurance
With proper care, roses can last more than 3 years. It is important to follow proper care procedures, but it is very profitable to invest in such a long-lasting filthy rose.
růžová růže.jpg
3.       Care
How do you take care of this miracle? The most important is a simple rule – there is no water. It may seem strange, but you have to follow this principle. As soon as the rose becomes liquid, it will quickly wither. Strange, but true.
You can always find certain information about your rose on its packaging. In most cases, you will not benefit from direct sunlight, so do not put water through the window and put it in a vase.
ulita u vázy.jpg
We believe that this beauty will captivate you in time. You will not only enjoy this wonderful gift for several years, but it is a very profitable investment. For the price of specially prepared durable roses, you will buy about 6 ordinary ones. They will not last you for 6 months. So, remember this gift when you think again what you should buy a woman or mom for her birthday.