Destination Miami, what you need to know about Florida vacations

Florida is called the gateway to the Caribbean. Florida\’s symbol is the orange flower, and it is less than 100 miles to the ocean. The word Miami comes from the Indian dialect of Tequesta, “Mayami,” meaning fresh water. Here, “winter” means 20 degrees Celsius, thanks to the beautiful beaches that attract people all year round, and the contrast between the skyscrapers of the business district and the colorful art buildings is beautiful. Miami is called the capital of Latin America and is actually closer to Havana than to the capital.
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Miami Holidays What to see?

Your first connection to Miami: the iconic 1980s series Miami Detective. The city was alive with countless film productions. The Man with the Scars starring Al Pacino, The Bodyguard and Dexter starring Kevin Costner, and Casino Royale, part one of the 007 series with Daniel Craig as James Bond, are just a few of Miami\’s film careers. The famous Ocean Drive boardwalk stretches along the iconic South Beach and District. An unforgettable view is of the Atlantic Ocean, the beach, and the distinctive colorful lifeguard cabins that have grown to become the city\’s symbol. the SoBe district is fun, vibrant after dark, and a place where people from all over the world gather to participate in the never-ending entertainment. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs, beautifully restored art deco buildings and great stores. Miami has always attracted artists, models, and now celebrities. Modern, luxurious yachts await in the upscale marina, but don\’t think about the price…
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Little Havana or Little Cuba
One of the most atmospheric neighborhoods in Miami is Little Havana. Cuban immigrants have been coming here for decades, and their fate is intertwined with Florida\’s history. Spanish is spoken here, and the residents have developed Cuban customs. The unusual color of Little Havana has led to an increase in clubs and discos. The Wynwood Walls art district is also rich in color, with dazzling, expressive graffiti in bold colors by some of street art\’s most celebrated creators.

What to Eat in Miami [32]
While vacationing in Miami, there are many opportunities to experience Florida\’s unique cuisine, an unusual combination of cuisines from around the world with strong Caribbean accents. From delicious hamburgers to sophisticated Cuban cuisine that tastes just as good as it does in Havana.