Connecting your home to the Internet

Today, Internet access is part of every modern home. Everyone has clear requirements for the Internet. Everyone has definite requirements regarding the Internet, mainly speed, reliability, good security, and low cost. In order to combine all these requirements with an Internet connection, you need to think about what kind of connection is appropriate for you and what options are available to you.
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Wired Connection
This type of connection implies a cable-based connection. Choosing this connection offers several advantages. For example, faster data downloads and uploads, additional communication services or almost unlimited data limits, and seamless online gaming. The most common connection of this kind is ADSL/VDSL, but you can also use a wired connection via cable TV, a fiber optic connection, or an Ethernet connection; ADSL/VDSL connections are the most widespread for high-speed data transfer and you will usually use this connection option.

Wireless Connectionoznačení wifi
Wifi is reliable and fast, but the speed depends on the frequency band of your home There are several providers in each city that offer wifi connections, but it is best to choose the nearest provider for the strength of the connection Wifi connections require a receiver, and the receiver is provided by the operator, The 5 GHz band is stable, less prone to failures, and has the best wifi connection because of its fast data transfer.
označení wifi
DSL speeds and rates
ADSL/VDSL connections offer speeds of about 10 Mbit/s, ADSL about 5 Mbit/s, and VDSL about 15 Mbit/s. For example, if you purchase an ADSL/VDSL connection that offers a data transfer rate of up to 20 Mbit/s, your speed may be about half as fast because the speed depends on the accessibility of your VDSL line, which is faster than ADSL. You should also take into account that the Internet is always slower when downloading data. Nowadays, it is possible to check if an ADSL/VDSL connection is available at home through specialized websites based on your address.
A DSL connection costs between 500 and 800 kroner per month
Since there are so many options for connecting your home to the Internet, it is recommended that you consult an impartial professional before connecting.